Goal: Increase sales, present the product offering, and explain product functionality in an accessible, easy, and engaging manner through videos.

Our task: Produce a series of product videos and photo sessions for WallBed, showcasing modern design, furniture capabilities, usage schematics, and user-friendliness.

For our long-term client, WallBed, the exclusive distributor and manufacturer of wall beds in Poland, with 80% of production exported to Europe, we have executed a series of product videos. Given the vast range of the company’s offerings, numerous product models, and constant innovations, the KamKam Visuals team is a frequent visitor to the WallBed showroom. We specialize in creating engaging product videos, which are increasingly crucial in today’s marketing landscape where images significantly influence sales results.

A product video is an effective advertisement. More and more consumers base their purchasing decisions on this form of content delivery.

WallBed’s retractable beds are equipped with a range of features operated by a remote control. Instead of reading a product card, potential customers can watch short, aesthetic, and informative videos. This attractive and concise presentation style increases interest and the company’s attractiveness, allowing effective communication with customers. Consumers appreciate such efforts because they can save a lot of time. YouTube is a powerful online search engine, and a presence on it, especially through product videos, significantly impacts brand recognition and trust, leading to customer acquisition and sales.