Donki time

NEO-nówka with Baron – WORLD of chocolate

Campaign: Jarki were already! Now it’s time for Donki!

Goal:Introducing and promoting the chocolate bar - DONKI - to the market.

Our task: Producing promotional videos for the new DONKI bar for Millano Group and conducting a photo shoot.

In 2022, Millano Group introduced the „Jarki” chocolate bars to the market, which immediately became a sales hit, and the entire advertising campaign ended in great success. This was achieved thanks to Polish cabaret stars: Neo-Nówka and a well-thought-out marketing strategy. KamKam Visuals produced the advertising videos and photo shoot at that time.

So why not repeat this success? In 2023, we are recreating the famous „Wigilia” (Christmas Eve) by Neo-Nówka (with over 24 million views on YouTube to date!) in the second phase of the advertising campaign for the new product from the group – the DONKI bar.

The advertising campaign coincided with the parliamentary elections in Poland in 2023. Neo-Nówka’s question „Jarki or Donki?” resonated doubly strongly. As emphasized by Millano Group, the commercials are meant to humorously comment on our reality and bring a smile to people in difficult times.

Finding the right location and set design for the advertising „Wigilia” proved to be a challenge. Working on set with members of the Neo-Nówka cabaret was, as always, intense and a bit crazy 🙂 We are delighted that KamKam Visuals is participating in the production of commercials that become iconic from the moment of release, just like the products being advertised.