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We know how to turn an initial idea into a great commercial. We construct a brief, define goals, message, strategy. We determine the budget - or adapt to it. We set the schedule. We start with the script, storyboard, and logistics. The shooting day should be enjoyable. We don't allow surprises in post-production. We deliver within budget and on time. We also create brand videos, which are a special type of advertisement. They stand out with engaging narration that captivates viewers and evokes emotions by telling stories about the brand. It is a way to build relationships with customers and increase visibility. It works exceptionally well in online marketing, especially on platforms promoting original content: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

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Corporate Films

The KamKam Visuals team creates corporate films that your clients want to watch. We work for modern enterprises, international corporations, and ambitious startups. We have organised shoots in England, Poland and abroad. We know how to tell and showcase amazing corporate stories. From vast halls with modern production lines, machine parks, laboratories to even open seas - our experienced operators capture the best shots. We always encourage our clients to tell their company's story on camera themselves - we love listening to them. We cover international trade shows, business events and conferences. We use drone and timelapse techniques to make the film as visually appealing as possible.

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Video Courses

We offer comprehensive organisation of video course production. Our team will support you at every stage. We help you structure the program and script of the course. The producer handles the schedule and recording locations, as well as organizes the crew's work (camera operator, sound, lighting, makeup). The recorded material goes to our editors and graphic designers. We create original designs - your course should look great and sell well. At KamKam Visuals, we have hundreds of hours of lecture recordings, training sessions, and instructional videos under our belt. Online education is growing at an incredible pace. The year 2024 is the time to bring your idea for an online course or training to life.

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At KamKam Visuals, we love real stories - well told. in Europe, we shot footage for a Discovery Channel USA: World War II: Witness to War. In the UK, we collaborated on Langham Dome for BBC and a series about the legendary DJ: John Peel. With Arkady Fiedler, we produced Maluchem through Africa, Maluchem through Asia, ARCTIC DRIVE, There and Back, The Most Beautiful Roads of Europe, and The Most Beautiful Road in Poland. We've traveled thousands of kilometers in Europe, Asia, and Africa. A particular form of documentary is the short doc. We are waiting for businesses who would like to share their story in the form of a short doc.

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Animation, Explainer

If a potential client visiting your website doesn't understand your business within 6-8 seconds, they'll likely leave and never return. Not everything can be well described with words or even with photos - or even a film. In such cases, animation comes to the rescue, allowing you to explain the most complicated ideas or processes in an impressive, clear, and modern way. We design fully custom 2D, 3D animations, and explainer videos that can stand alone or be seamlessly integrated into a corporate film. Our creative department also designs animated infographics, graphic overlays, and animated content for conferences or events.

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We specialize in investment photography and drone photography. We work for cities, construction companies, and developers, documenting the entire process of creating a new object. We take pictures of designer interiors. We carry out business photo sessions and photographic reports at industry events. We also specialise in food and product photography. In our portfolio, there are numerous investment photo sessions commissioned by SKANSKA, Kronospan and the City of Poznań. Our latest project - a series of "foodie" photographs - was published in the album Fyrtle - we eat here. While filming documentaries in Europe and Asia, we captured stunning landscapes and photographed encounters with people and places along the way.

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