Creative Production Studio

KamKam Visuals is a creative production studio consisting of people who combine a set of values and a passion for creating films that are modern and engaging.


KamKam Visuals produces truly creative commercials: from the script to shooting to post-production. We know how to increase marketing of your company. Our team of passionate artists work hard to deliver only the best films, without compromise on quality.

film korporacyjny

Corporate Video & Product Video

Our team creates corporate videos & product videos of the highest standard. We have been trusted by blue chip multinationals in various parts of the world. We use the best drones for aerial shooting which enables our clients to see themselves from an entirely new perspective.

Animacja 2D/3D i Explainer videos

If a visitor browsing your website doesn’t understand what your business is about within the first 6 – 8 seconds, you’ve lost their attention. We create animation that keeps customers interested while explaining your business benefits in an engaging, professional, and understandable way.

tworzenie animacji 2d i 3d

Event video

We are passionate about creating event videos. With our attention to detail and eye for the atmosphere and emotions, we can turn even an ordinary conference into an exciting happening, with modern editing and the perfect choice of the music enhancing the dynamic.


We work for Discovery Channel filming for 12 part historical documentary series ‘World War II: Witness to War. In the UK we collaborated on a series of documentaries about Langham Dome and John Peel. For Arkady Fielder we produced tv documentary series “Africa OnTheWay”. Currently we are working on a full length documentary feature film and a series of short about his second trip to Africa.

Aerial Filming

Our pilots have UAVO licence and many years of experience in controlling multicopters – exploring the air is completely safe with us. Perfection of the KamKam Visuals operators ensures the best videos. Our team has worked at movie sets as well as commercial shoots and music videos in Poland and abroad.


KamKam Visuals develop videos utilizing the stylish timelapse technique. It can be effectively used for advertising spots, as well as presentational and corporate videos. KamKam Visuals have at their disposal the professional Multi-Axis Motion Control System equipment.


KamKam Visuals is also offering professional photo shoots. KamKam Visuals is also offering professional photo shoots. We specialise in high quality drone photography, interiors photography, property, events and landscapes and more.

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