Arkady Fiedler

Documentary film The most beautiful road in Poland with Arkady Fiedler

Objective: Filming and post-production of a travel documentary film.

Our task: Accompanying renowned Polish traveler Arkady Fiedler with a camera during an expedition along the so-called Great Bieszczady Loop and post-production of the documentary film: editing, color grading, and mastering.

The most beautiful road in Poland is 2000 kilometers traveled by Arkady Fiedler, along with our CEO and DOP – Kamil Piechowiak, along a route known as the Great Bieszczady Loop. The goal was to film a test of the electric Nissan Ariya. Arkady Fiedler examined what has changed in electric cars over the past few years (since his first expeditions), as well as the state of charging infrastructure along the route. Furthermore, the question arises whether the Great Bieszczady Loop, although picturesque, deserves the title of the most beautiful route in the country?