Mark Foley

Mark Foley

We produced an unconventional advertising film for Mark Foley from the UK. Mark became for a moment the hero of the series with himself in the lead role. We decided to adopt the convention of the opening title for a tv series. Only at the end the viewer gets a clear answer to the question of who Mark is and what his company does. The result was an advertisement unlike any other – addictive, surprising and most importantly – not offensive.


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Norfolk, UK

How to make an advertisement for a lawyer? Lawyers sit at desks, write letters, make calls… It looks very boring! Martyna from KamKam came up with a story that shows why I am special. Kamil from KamKam made a video and everything came to life. I’ve already noticed customer interest, and haven’t yet started making full use of my advertising. KamKam Visuals will show you and your business at its best!